Winter Playlist

Everyone has certain songs or artists that remind them of the different seasons. Here is my winter playlist this year:

-(all Christmas songs, obvi)
-Slow Show-The National
-All Needtobreathe songs
-All Head and the Heart songs
-Cover Me Up-Jason Isbell
-Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley
-Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard
-Little House-Amanda Seyfried
-The Girl-City and Colour
-Please, Please, Please Let Me- The Smiths
-Any Josh Garrels songs


For all of you Instagram lovers out there

Did you know there is a web site designed to specifically print out your edited instagram photos? The website is called printstagram and is totally awesome. It stinks to try to print out pictures, especially cropped and edited ones, at your local walgreens or walmart and to get them and they be totally blurry, etc., but this is not the case at all! There are many different printing options, such as small individual wallet prints, poster-size, etc. and they print out on nice, waxy, thick paper that will not easily be ruined. I recently printed out about 48 of my friend’s instagram photos, knowing they were all of cherished times or people to her, and made a collage out of them. They are printed beautifully and were shipped to my house in no time. Here is the link, check it out! :

Kiss me thru the phone

If you don’t know the Soulja Boy classic “kiss me thru the phone” then you’re wrong.

I know that this blog post is going to sound super ridiculous and pathetic, but seriously, though, this song addresses one of the many break through points in our time technologically-the ability to send pictures to one another. Although Soulja Boy may be referring to a figurative kiss in a song rather than literally a picture of a kiss, girls everywhere were posing with the duck face and slapping a caption on it saying, “Kiss me thru the phone”. The fact that we can take pictures of ourselves and send them to someone else to communicate an emotion or an action was a big deal when most phones became camera phones. You could now show a person where you were, what you looked like at the moment you’re talking to that person, etc. Soulja Boy knows what he’s talking about, people.


Everyone has a hobby. Everyone has those certain activities or interests that they are so into that they may even become their “thing” that they do. It’s good to have something to do in your free time that you enjoy, something to use as an escape, something you’re good at, etc. I have realized recently that I don’t have on of those “things”.
What I like to do the most with my free time is spend time with people. I am a talker and I love helping people process through/work out their problems. However, I have been bothered lately that I do not have a hobby that I go to when I have down time or an activity that is my escape or talent. My boyfriend loves to camp and loves to ride bikes. My friend Kathryn loves to write. My friend Kendall paints/draws like a beaut.

Even if it is not quality or seen by anyone, I would love to get to the point that I enjoy writing. I feel that it is such a release and is good for the soul. Sure, there are different kinds of writing and some I know for a fact that I hate, but there are also times that I sit down to write something for a class or for something else and by the end of it I realize that I actually enjoyed myself. I love to sing and I think that writing songs would be fun, although I may not be any good at it. I also love to read blogs, so having a certain themed blog may be something that I really enjoy. I would love to explore writing more.

Memorial Sites..who knew

I did an assignment for my Lifespan Development class about death, dying, and bereavement and we were to look at things called memorial sites for people who have died. Memorial sites are apparently a new thing that when a loved one dies, others can design a site dedicated to that person.

I clicked on a memorial site for a man named Jerry Rivera. The opening page tells about Jerry and what kind of person he was. I went to the “writings” section of the site and the top entry was a prayer to God from Jerry’s daughter. It seemed to be a public release of mourning with questions to God as well as a message to others that they are not the only ones who have the same questions that she does about why his death happened.

The next entry was a direct message to Jerry that just expressed how much he is missed and thought about throughout the day. The person expresses regrets about things he or she wishes would have been done when he was alive. This seems like a place of closure for this person and the relationship he or she had with Jerry.

It is extremely interesting that even mourning the loss of a loved one has moved to the internet. Anyone can see it, anyone is invited to it, and is can be accessed at any time.


Seeing this tweet from the @NKUprobs twitter account immediately drew me to think about how useful social media can be. The amount of times I hear people say “nku probs” is crazy, so the amount of people that follow this twitter account has to be a lot. Because @nkuprobs retweeted this tweet, it is circulating the nku network and maybe, if that person is lucky, he or she will see that his or her truck lights are on and that will save them from arriving to the truck after a long day at school to find a battery that needs to be jumped. This is an extremely useful aspect of social media in that if you need news to travel fast or reach a large amount of people, you can do so.


My favorite social network is Instagram. I have to admit: when I got my Iphone that was one thing that I was most excited for. I love seeing the different experiences of people and the different places that people are visiting and who they are sharing them with. It is also fun to pretend that you are a photographer and be able to slap a filter on a phone snap shot and make it look pretty. Over the span of a year of having an Instagram account, I have noticed the many ways the people use Instagram other than just the recreational aspect of it.


I follow many bloggers on Instagram and they use their accounts to advertise new posts they have written. This is a great way for them to advertise for one another and to develop relationships with their readers as well as build onto their audience.


I also follow people that will occasionally use their Instagram accounts to sell things. Whether it is personal items that they are selling, kind of like a social media garage sale, or people with Etsy accounts that are advertising products, Instagram is a great platform for business.


Others use it for groups, etc. I follow a congenital heart awareness page because my nephew was born with a congenital heart defect. This is a way for people with something in common to come together and, in this case, share stories and tips.

Kerry’s Presentation: Journalism

Kerry gave an awesome presentation in our Writing for the Digital Age class about journalism and how social networks are necessary for your reputation as a journalist. She gave six interesting tips for being a successful journalist:

-Google yourself

-Build your personal brand-decide who you are going to be.

-Be on everything-go where others are-seek peoples’ interests.

-Know what content people want.

-Push your brand-update consistently.



As someone who does not know a lot about journalism, this was interesting to hear from a journalist’s perspective how she plans to incorporate these tips and social media into her career. It was also interesting to hear the students that are public relations majors in our class talk about this too and how most of their career will deal with social media.